Skill-specific clinics are great for anyone trying to develop basic to advanced gymnastics skills. Offered throughout the year, clinics might focus on preschool skills, cartwheels, back handsprings, and more! Expect one to two hours of drills and repetitions to accelerate the learning time of the advertised skill. *Pre-registration is required.

AGES: Vary by clinic. 
COSTS: Only $22 for members and $28 for non-members. 
TIMES: Vary throughout the year. A complete list of upcoming clinics can be found on our calendar
REQUIREMENTS: Vary by clinic. Please see specific requirements for each clinic. 


Preschool Clinics

Gross motor skills such as jumping, moving backward, and falling safely are used in many playground games including hopscotch, jump rope, dances, and action songs. These clinics will include a fifteen minute warm-up, twenty minutes of specific instruction,  fun rotation within the gym, and end with a collaborative game! These clinics are for walking to age 6.


KIP Clinics

The kip is one of the first bar skills that the advanced gymnast comes up against that requires hard work and long-term training! The kip requires specific timing, abdominal and arm strength, and LOTS of practice. This clinic will break the kip down into small, easily trained components to help gymnast develop or perfect this challenging skill. This clinic is open to all squirrels, pre-team, xcel, and team gymnasts.


Cartwheel Clinics

Our cartwheel clinics give participants extra time to develop and perfect this fundamental aerobatic skill. Anyone can benefit from learning a cartwheel since a basic level of coordination, strength, and flexibility is required... plus it's fun to go upside down! Expect to practice a varirty of drills, taught by experienced coaches, that help accelerate the time it takes to learn a cartwheel. This clinic is open to everyone 5 and older.


Back Handspring Clinics

back handspring [bak hand-spring] noun- an acrobatic feat in which one starts from a standing position and wheels the body forward or backward in a complete circle, landing first on the hands and then on the feet, without contact by the rest of the body. The element is used in a majority of tumbling passes on the floor exercise. This clinic is open to everyone 6 and older.


Pre-Team, Xcel, and Team Polishing Clinics

These clinics are great opportunity for our competitive level gymnasts to work with team experienced coaches on all events. Focus will be on routine break down, skill progressions, and polishing current skills. These are offered throughout the year, and are by invite only.