"Taylor loved her birthday party at VA Techniques! You did an amazing job of organizing everything. Your professionalism with all the parents and your energy and patience with all the kids is unmatched. I can't believe how carefree this party was for me. All I had to do was sit back and enjoy the smiles. I actually was able to get photos of my daughter blowing out her candles and get photos of all the kids running around and having a great time. Usually, I'm organizing games, food, and trying to gather kids together so I miss capturing photos of the event. I would recommend a party at VA Techniques with you to anyone and everyone. You are amazing and you represent VA Techniques so well! Thank you again for all you did to make my daughter's day perfect. Best wishes, Cathy Buckley "

- Cathy Buckley

"We held my son, Zachary, 5th birthday at Virginia Techniques in November. This was a WONDERFUL place to have a party for a winter month birthday!! This was the most stress free party I have ever had for my son, so far. Coach Geoffrey worked with me to customize our party specifically to our needs. We were able to use the room and equipment, but supply our own decorations and food. Anything specific you need? Just ask Coach Geoffrey and he will work with you to the best of his ability to meet your needs. The party space is roomy, (we had 25 kids and adults attending), the coaches are great with the kids and it is nice having the space for the kids the play and get some exercise without worry. We will definitely keep the gym in mind for future parties."

- Karey Gray

"Claire (Langlinais) had her 6th birthday at VA Techniques, and it was a blast. I love little (to no) work, and so this totally fit the bill. All the kids had a blast."

- Sarah Langlinais

"Our son absolutely loved having his birthday party at Virginia Techniques! He turned 4 and having his party at Virginia Techniques was the best decision we have ever made and it was probably the best party we have ever hosted. There was so much to do between the bouncy house, foam pit, and the huge slide. For what was provided, we believed the price was fair and the staff was so easy to work with."

- Kristina Youker

"My 5 year old daughter has a winter birthday and I was thinking: Where can I throw a party where all of her friends can fit in an indoor space, have fun, and be a stress-free day for me? Virginia Techniques was the advice I got when I spoke to other parents about party venues. So we called and made the arrangements and my daughter's birthday was a blast! The gym teachers warmed up all of the kids first with fun songs they could dance and stretch to. Then they helped them on all of the equipment and monitored them on the big inflatable slide. They even set up the party room for me and cleaned up afterwards. It was a great day for me too because all I had to do was enjoy watching my daughter have fun! Also, the gym teachers were very accommodating in that I wanted a little more play time than party time and they let us do that. They also had so much enthusiasm for their jobs. It really made the parents feel comfortable knowing that the teachers enjoyed working with children. I would highly recommend Virginia Techniques for a birthday party!"

- Brittany Schadey

"My daughter Makenna no longer goes to VA Techniques but that's only because we moved to Minnesota in June 2005. After we moved, we searched the internet and asked new friends and neighbors which were the "best" gyms around. We thought that living near a big city would give us some great options. Unfortunately, three gyms later we've discovered that for twice (at least) the tuition the "best" places here offered MUCH lower quality coaching, much larger class sizes and aggravating disorganization. For one reason or another (probably because we know what the "best" should be like) none of the 3 gyms we've tried so far have worked out. When Makenna was going to VA Techniques we definitely appreciated what a great place it was, but now after seeing how several other gyms operate, I wanted to point out a few things that make VA Techniques special and what we miss the most about it. *The coaches are really CARING and POSITIVE *They make safety and good technique priorities *The class sizes are small *The coaches are very organized *The kids are always learning new skills *Parents are welcome and involved (we went to one gym for a month that did not allow team parents to stay and observe class- you were allowed to pay tuition and go to meets) *The coaches really make sure that the kids respect and support each other. Makenna really loved ringing the bell when she learned a new skill and hearing everyone clap for her- she felt like everyone in the gym was her friend. You can't beat that!"

- Kayen Quesenberry

"We would like to take a minute to thank you for all your staff's time and attention they have given our daughters, Chase and Kendall.  Our girls are learning new things every practice and are always excited to be here.  Thanks and keep up the good work!"

- Tim & Amy Hudson

"Virginia Techniques is based on professionalism and honesty.  Qualified coaches make gymnastics fun for my daughters."

- Lisa Valentine

"I love the coaches at Virginia Techniques Gymnastics!  Their professional training, personal experience and commitment to each child provide the perfect environment for my child to meet her goals."

- Felicia Buford

"I just wanted to express my gratitude to [Coach] Heather. My daughter, Anaiya, is in her Super Gators class and she is wonderful! She is  caring, loving, and very patient with them. She makes learning fun and is always positive.  Kids this age crave attention and affection and she gives it 100%.Thanks to Heather my daughter loves gymnastics! She is truly a great role model!"

- Tresica Midget

"I feel like Shelby is in such great hands when she is with her coaches and at Techniques in general.  Gabriela and Anne are fabulous with the girls, professional and caring, and as usual very helpful.  Virginia Techniques is tops!  I feel lucky to have your program right here in the NRV!  Thanks for all you do!"

- Cheryl Roberts

"My daughter has been attending VA Techniques since October of 2005 and absolutely loves it!  The coaches are very patient and very helpful with these kids.  Gymnastics has helped her gain even more confidence in herself and she’s made so many new friends. Just wanted to say thank you to VA Techniques for all their support!"

- Tracy Eyler