Tumbling Groups

Tumbling for groups provides a great opportunity for your cheer squad, dance troupe, diving team, or any other group to improve your skills in our outstanding facility. 

Work on basic to advanced tumbling skills from cartwheels and back handsprings to back tucks and twisting.  Train strength and conditioning for any sport.  Our coaches are certified in spotting and techniques to ensure productive and safe progressions toward any athletic goals. 

Your group may choose 1 to 1 ½ hours each week and expect to be trained using our 40 foot long tumbling trampoline, rod spring floor, an in-ground trampoline, and 80X80 spring floor.  All events feed into our loose foam pit to safely train any new skill.

COST: $15 per week per athlete for hourly sessions, $22 per week per athlete for 1 ½ hour sessions. 
REQUIREMENTS: Must have a minimum of six participants for at least six weeks and participants must pay in advance for all classes. Because these classes are already discounted, additional discounts, including sibling and multi-class discounts, will not be applied.

Call the office to set up your group’s personalized program.